Welcome to an 18-day study of the beautiful book of Ephesians. Herein, the man Paul gives us

rhapsodies of prose on God’s grace which cascades and crescendos in an outburst of praise.

Ephesians contains the gospel in full orb. Anyone who grasps the message of this book will

apprehend the Bible’s essential teaching on salvation, on the Church, and on the Christian life. All

scripture is of course edifying and instructive, but here we climb to the pinnacle of apostolic

teaching - the top of the pyramid in which all the main lines come together.

Tighten your seat belt and get set for a jolly ride down the avenue of God’s grace. It’s an 18-day

journey, an exploration of the “unsearchable riches of God’s grace”. Welcome aboard!

How To Use This Bible Reading Plan.

1. Use a Bible! Preferably a version with which you can easily understand

2. Read the passages to UNDERSTAND, not just to FIND ANSWERS to questions asked

3. Read the cross-references to help you better understand the main text for the day

4. You may wish to get a note book to take down questions, thoughts, answers etc.

5. Try to be consistent in the reading, but you may spend more than 18 days if necessary!

6. PRAYERFULLY read – ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding of the Word.

7. NOTE: cf. means ‘compare’