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Pens for Christ (PFC) is a group of believers seeking to help others grow with their relationship with God

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Welcome to Pens For Christ

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Welcome to Pens For Christ

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The Love You Can't Resist

Probably, one of the most prominent features of the human nature is the desire to be loved and accepted by others. Life would prob...


Welcome To His Family

Your decision to follow Christ is surely the most important decision that you will ever make in your life. Through this you have b...


Welcome On Board!

It really feels good to begin correspondence with you. We thank our Father, God Almighty for creating this wonderful opportunity....

A Place For You

We are here to help you grow in your relationship with God and answer questions you may have. Find out more

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We usually receive feedback from our contacts here are some of them.


A good day to you in the name of Christ. Thanks for your prayers and good works, may God continue to guide and bless you immensely. Thanks for being the vessel through which God is using to help me in my walk with Him.



God has been using you greatly in sharing His word and making people turn to God. Your questions are good and easily understood. They make someone close to God and His word (Bible). Your write-ups have also met my needs in many ways. It has also helped me to be familiar with some Bible verses which has been so difficult for me before.



I thank God for this great opportunity and privilege to join this spiritual exercise and so far, so good. It has really touched my life. Before I joined, my faith in Christ was a little bit shaking but I thank God am through with it. Most especially when I pray to God asking Him for something, I find it difficult to believe He is going to do it. I thank God I don't have that spirit of doubt anymore.


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Hello dear, before reading this piece I will like you to release your faith with me and say this prayer which is my heart desire f...

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