Just Before 2018 Valentine Is Over


We are at a time when physical emotions are allowed to run amuck like a hare in an open field. The airwaves have no other tale; events are programmed to take advantage of this period. Chocolate, gifts and flowers become a rarity in shops.

The unmatched, unpaired and single are made to reconsider their stance.

Canteens are filled; restaurants can only wish everyday is the 14th of February. Hospitals brace for fights which tend to occur at times like this.

Housewives watch their husbands closely – all answered phone calls are greeted with ‘Who was that?’

Expectations are rife

The sale of emergency contraceptives doubles and preparations... huge preparations are made. The question ‘to yield or not to yield’ keeps hovering like a colossus. Alcohol is sold freely. Even the ‘holiest’ believes one’s guard can be let down on this day. God and Saint Valentine would surely understand... perhaps.

But is this really so?

Are we indeed bereft of love, compassion that we must seek to fill our lusts and affections to the brim on the excuse of a ‘Lovers day’

Does earthly companionship define love?

Does the warmth embrace of another define the love we speak of?

It is easy to love the loveable.

How difficult it is however to the love the ‘loveless’.

Ever wondered what it means for God to love.

I have seen the love of a human father freeze when he realises he needs to give serum (blood part) to his child

I have seen the love of a companion fade when he realises she has a terminal disease

I have seen the love of a doctor get ‘common sense’ when he realises his patient has a communicable disease

I have seen love suddenly wear eye glasses (the prescription type) when challenges show up

Tales abound. If only the Emergency room could speak

In the midst of this however, the Father's love shows no discrimination

The Father's love never fades

The Fathers love is deep

The Fathers love keeps giving and never slacks

The Father's love continues beyond February

I have had reasons to feel dejected, rejected, battered, shattered, alone and sometimes just plain out of sync. I mean everyone is holding hands and getting gifts. Some even get phone calls and have a meeting with that special someone. Others even have a place to travel

But then reality dawns upon me because He is holding my hands for He says ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’.

He gave me the greatest gift of all when He gave His life on the cross to set me free.

He calls me ‘His beloved’.

He takes time out of His busy schedules to ‘Listen when I call’.

Before I speak He answers me.

What more can I ask of my Saviour, my Lover and my King.

Lenny got it right when he sang ‘I could sing about His forgiveness; I could praise Him till the sun goes down; I could say that I am a witness; I was there when His love came down; Love came down on me; Love came down on me’

He leaves me with no heartache and never disappoints.

Nothing can fill me like the love of my saviour. I am not ashamed; I need not hold my head low; I do not need to pray this day or any other day passes.

I am dancing to a tune shared with my Lord and Saviour. 

Hezekiah said ‘I could go on and on... About your works. Because I’m grateful, grateful, so grateful. Flowing from my heart...’

I celebrate you Lord – today, tomorrow and always.

Words fail me...


Hebrews 13:5b; 1st Peter 5:7; Romans 5: 6 – 8; Isaiah 65:24; 1st John 3:1 – 2; Lenny leBlanc (Love came down); Hezekiah Walker (Grateful)



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