2009 Newsletter


A Newsletter of Pens For Christ- September, 2009


Pens For Christ (PFC) is essentially a group of believers who work together, using all the power that God provides, to help people grow in their relationship with God. It is a non-denominational group. 

The vision was conceived on the 31st of August, 2002 by Babatunde, Adewole and was shared with some Christians of like minds. The aim of the group is to meet together and attend to the needs of new converts/young Christians mainly via correspondence/writing. 

Our duties include:

- Writing of serial follow-up articles appropriate for the new  converts/young Christians 

- Writing of encouragement letters to the new converts/young Christians

- Keeping in ‘personal’ touch with the new converts/young Christian through writing

- Attending to questions or issues that trouble the hearts of the new converts/young Christians

- Praying for the new converts/young Christians 

Further details of our duties can be found in our mission statement tagged “Our Mission” (available on our website or on request). Indeed “All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation” (2 Corinthians 5:18; NIV). 

Our approach is both pro-active and reactive. On the one hand, we share with our “contacts” truths of God’s Word that has helped our own walk with Him in the form of a systematic/serial follow-up guide through articles, Bible studies and personal letters. This we believe will also help them in their own walk with Him. On the other hand, when challenges arise in their own walk with God or other areas of their lives, we offer counsel and possible solution from God’s Word. Jesus Himself has said: “then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32, NIV). 


Our members are Christians who desire to help other Christians grow in their own walk with God. Some of the members of the group have had their own share of struggles that had hindered their growth and thirst for God. Thus “we will be able to give them the same comfort that God has given us” (2 Corinthians 1:4b; NLT). 

We have a total of thirty (30) members, some currently residing in Ilorin while others have had to relocate. While some of those that have relocated still retain their possible commitment to the work, only six (6) active members are currently available within Ilorin (our work-base) to carry out the bulk of the work, five (5) of who may also have to relocate after the end of this year (2009). We are therefore still open to those willing to be involved in this ministry (see pg_). 

We meet on alternate Sundays (fortnightly) between the hours of 3:00pm and 5:00pm at the Conference Room of the District Church Council Office of ECWA, close to Challenge Bookshop in Ilorin.           


At present we have about five hundred (500) people (contacts) on our mailing list, of which we have been in touch with two hundred and sixty-eight (268) within the last one year. Most of those on our mailing list have been through one of the following avenues:

Partnership with other Christian bodies e.g. Youth camps organized in both Ilorin and Igbaja District Church Council of ECWA), outreaches by the Nigerian Conference of Christian Medical and Dental Students (NCCMDS), awareness in some campus fellowships in the University of Ilorin.

Introduction by other Christians as a means of complementing their own effort in following up new converts.

 Introduction by members of PFC

Names forwarded by some of our contacts

We usually require that our contacts respond to our articles by completing related Bible study outlines, answering questions that assess their comprehension of the topic or by simply writing their comments or questions. This helps us not only to know how well they understood the message but  also to note  their specific areas of need, and respond accordingly.  As a means of encouragement, we supply duly-stamped envelopes in order to enhance their response and reduce their cost of correspondence.  

At present we have the following articles: 

1. An Introductory Article 

2. Welcome to His Family

3.  Assurance of Salvation

4.  Safe and Secure in Jesus Christ-parts I&II

5.  Your Identity in Christ

6. Understanding God as Your Father

7. Overcoming Guilt

8.  Overcoming Sinful Habits-parts I&II

9. Handling Temptations

10. Having Your Quiet Time

11. Talking With God (Prayers)

12. The Way To The City (In response to many academic concerns expressed by contacts) 

All these are available on request and some on our website.

We have also endeavoured to devise a simple Bible reading plan suitable for young Christians in order to further help them. Hence, a forty-five (45) day reading plan for the Gospel of John is currently available, while a similar guide through the book of Ephesians (with appropriate cross-references) is in its final stage of production.



Apart from the recurrent expenses on our annual post office bills, purchase of postage stage stamps, printing and photocopying of articles, telecommunication and so on, we look forward to: 

1. Becoming registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. Inquiries reveal that we may need close to one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N 150,000.00) for this.

2. Procuring an internet facility (preferably a portable one)

3. Acquiring a secretariat office/building


The following are possible ways to enhance our work: 

1. You could send us names and addresses of people who may benefit from this ministry (new converts or anyone who simply wants to grow in his/her walk with God) 

2. You could become a member of the group (see page ____)  

3. You could support the work in any of the following ways: 

(a) Commitment to prayers 

(b) Contribution of relevant materials

(c) Giving relevant suggestions or advice 

(d) Financial contribution 

In whatever way you wish to be involved, please let us know. The following are possible means of reaching us: 

Postal Address: Pens for Christ, P.O. Box 4992, Ilorin, 240001

Kwara State, Nigeria. 

Email: pensforchrist@yahoo.com or pensforchrist@bornagain.com Website: www.pensforchrist.4t.com

Phone number: 08036692489, 08060757105, 08052204612 (Hotline: 08080927394)

Bank:  Intercontinental Bank Plc, Unity Road, Ilorin. 

Account Name: Pens For Christ Account Number: 0029001000229718 

(Nature of account: Current, thus cheques from any bank could be written in the group’s name). 


Who can be a member? 

Any believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ (church affiliations are inconsequential)

What is required of you? 

First, you would indicate your interest by filling the coupon appropriately and sending it to us.(You could also reach us through other means of contact stated above (phone, e-mail  or postal service). 

Then, you would pass through a process which entails: 

(a) An interview 

(b) Completion of some Bible study outlines. 

Upon satisfactory completion of the above, you would be fully integrated into the group.