2005 Newsletter

A Newsletter of the Pens for Christ Movement, Nigeria Vol.2 (April 2005)

“Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful” (2Corinthians 4:2) NIV

The Vision

The vision is to help young Christians grow in their relationship with God. This precious vision was borne on 31st August 2002 and has been sustained by the grace of God. 

It is not uncommon that a lofty vision like this experiences serious challenges. This explains the delay in placing this newsletter in your hands as well as some break in our activities. God however in His faithfulness kept the vision and we are glad to share with you some of His wondrous works.


Ever since the inception of the group, the Lord has been adding men and women with similar burden and passion. Membership of the group cut across different denominations. This further established the group as a non-denominational unit. 

Initially, all members were University students but at present, graduates are also in the roll. Having seen and heard what God is doing in the group, some other people have indicated their interest in joining the group.



As a group of people with the same goal, meeting together is inevitable. Our meetings have always been inspiring and interesting. We meet to pray, share and plan.

We pray for open doors into ministry so as to draw men to our Lord and not to ourselves. We also pray for our audience for the door of faith to be opened in them in order to comprehend the mystery of Christ.

As the Holy Spirit gives direction, we share from the Scriptures in order to strengthen one another in the Lord.

More so, we give updates of outreaches and also prayerfully plan for the next lines of action.

At present, the venue of meeting is the conference room of ECWA IDDC office, Ahmadu Bello Way, Ilorin. This was chosen in order to obtain a central point for meetings. Meetings are still being held fortnightly (Saturdays) between 7:00pm and 8:30pm.

Meet Our Members

Listed below are the men and women who are members and those who have identified with serving God in the group.

1. Mr. Adewole Babatunde

2. Mr. Wemimo Olaofin

3. Miss Tosin Oshagbemi

4. Miss Temilade Omojare

5. Mr. Victor Popoola

6. Mr. Sunkanmi Ashonibare

7. Mr. Tayo Sanni

8. Mr. Tosin Ashonibare

9. Mr. Bolaji Akanni

10. Mr. Yemi Oyetoyan

11. Mr. Rotimi Ogunremi

12. Mr. Kayode Bello

13. Mr. Victor Olufemi


Igbaja District Youth Council(IGDYC) Camp 2003-Update

As reported in the earlier edition of “The Journey So Far”, the group was involved in counseling of converts at the Youth Camp. Follow-up materials have since been forwarded to the addresses provided by them. Responses were quite low but the group is still in good contact with those who responded.

St. Anthony's Secondary School, Ilorin

This was the first Secondary school to be considered by the group. The initial steps taken seemed not to yield a lot of results but God encouraged us at the verge of discouragement. At the moment, good contact is being kept with some Christian students who expressed their thirst for deeper relationship with their Creator. These precious ones are being supplied with follow-up materials (articles and Bible Studies). The Bible Studies are prepared in an interactive manner which provides the student chance to answer questions based on what is observed from the Scriptures. Responses are sent to the group for evaluation and comments. Representatives of the group have also been visiting these students occasionally to encourage them and discuss challenges being faced by them. 

Federal Government Girls College (FGGC), New Bussa

Ordinarily, the thought of reaching out to students in a school outside the ‘base state’ wouldn’t have come to mind, at least not now. The case was however synonymous to Paul’s vision to come to Macedonia and help (Acts 16:9).

As expected, some follow-up materials were mailed to one of the youths met at the IGDYC camp that was schooling at FGGC, New Bussa. Little did we know that God has his wonderful plans for the printed matter sealed in that envelope. 

The letter was received with excitement and this intrigued some of her schoolmates who later requested to be on the group’s mailing list. The contact is being maintained as articles and Bible Studies are being sent to them.

In order to facilitate fast response and reduce correspondence expenses on the recipient’s side, reply envelopes dully affixed with appropriate postage stamps are sent with follow-up materials.


By inspiration of the Lord, articles have been produced by the group. Some are already in circulation while some are yet to be. All these articles have accompanying interactive Bible Studies.

The topics covered are:

i. Welcome to His Family

ii. Assurance of Salvation

iii. Our Daily Communion with God

iv. You are Free Indeed

v. Don’t Worry; God Cares About You


     This work is quite demanding as money is required to accomplish diverse tasks. These tasks to mention a few include: printing of materials, payment of NIPOST bills, postage charges, transport fares etc.

Funds are generated among members who are mainly students through freewill donations and monthly dues. Some of our advisers have also been highly supportive.

You can be involved

Assistance is still needed for the progress of this work. You can be of a part of this vision:

i. By regularly supporting us with your prayers

ii. By giving financial contribution for the printing and dispatch of our materials (articles, letters, Bible Studies and so on). You can as well send to us postage stamps as the Lord provides

iii. By contributing articles, books or any other form of material that would enhance the spiritual growth and maturity of these young ones

iv. By making yourself available to serve as a counselor to any of these young people that the Lord might bring our way

v. By being a link between us and any person or group of people who could benefit from this vision

vi. By connecting us with ministries within or outside the country that may have useful materials

We trust that the Lord could use you as a part of this great task of sowing seed that will be of eternal value in the lives of these young ones.


Divine inspiration on what message to prepare,

God’s leading to those who need our assistance in their walk with Him,

The spiritual growth of these young Christians,

Provision of everything needed to accomplish the tasks ahead,

Empowerment of members.


Acquisition of a computer system

Opening a bank account

Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria

Mass production of materials

Procurement and distribution of Bibles and other useful materials from reputable ministries.


The work has gone this far by the power of the Lord and we continually depend on him for greater accomplishment. As much as we are involved in preparing our own articles we also obtain relevant materials from other ministries for these young Christians. Copies of all the articles and Bible Study outlines by the group are available on request. You can also visit the group’s website for further information on the group and the materials available.

The group is very grateful to everyone who has contributed to ensuring the fulfillment of this vision. Your timely counsel and support remain very invaluable to us.

We love you all.