A member of ‘Pens for Christ’ is one who has understood the ministry’s objectives and wishes to be committed towards its actualization. The intending member will also be required to read and respond to some of the ministry’s preliminary write-ups before full adoption.

The following are the expectations we have of our members:

To have accepted God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

To be a Christian willing to help others grow in their walk with God and to be equally committed to developing and deepening his/her own walk with God.

To have adequately understood and embraced the ministry’s objective as stated in ‘About Us’ section. See

To have read and responded to the preliminary write-ups and Bible studies assigned to him/her.

To be willing to commit to prayers for the group and all that the Lord will lead us to.

To regularly attend meetings (either in person or via online connection)

To be willing to contribute finances, as enabled, towards the fulfillment of the ministry’s objectives.

To be willing to contribute relevant write-ups appropriate to needs on ground.

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