It really feels good to begin correspondence with you. We thank our Father, God Almighty for creating this wonderful opportunity. To begin with, we would like to know your present perception about God, and how your relationship with Him has been thus far.

This is necessary so that the series of Bible correspondence we would be having with you would be holistic in satisfying your spiritual needs and thus fulfilling our aim, which is to help you grow in your walk with God. Therefore, we implore you, be VERY HONEST AND EXPLICIT in answering the following questions. It would be quite unhelpful for you if you paint a picture of what you consider an ideal relationship rather than your actual experience. Your answers would be treated with utmost confidentiality and used for the reason stated above. DO NOT BE SCARED OF REVEALING ANYTHING. Remember, God already knows the truth. It would be better if you let them out so that you can be helped.

Much love and peace,

Ize Weli

For ‘Pens For Christ’