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I am Izeiru Weli (called Ize by most of my friends). I work as a GP (Family Medicine doctor) in a semi-urban practice in the UK. I love PFC. I believe, like all believers, I have been called to the ministry of reconciliation an...

Ize | Member


It is a wonderful experience to be saved. However, working out my salvation which seemed impossible with my own understanding was excellently achieved and still being achieved with the help of Pens for Christ. I was interested i...

O.O | Member


I got to know about PFC in 2005 at ECWA Youth Camp, which was held at Nigeria Youth Camp Eyenkorin, Kwara State. I went out for an altar call where I surrendered my life to Christ. Some set of people (PFC members and counsellors),...

O.A | Member


Having a correspondence with Pens for Christ (PFC) was an amazing experience for me. I was at a point in my life when I needed some guidance and assurance about who I was in Christ; if I was really saved despite struggling with my...

O.I.E | Member


I met PFC through Dr Babatunde. I met Dr Babatunde at ECWA Hospital, Egbe. We discussed about some things and den he told me about PFC where I started to grow in my relationship with God. PFC has helped me in so many ways. Even...

Z.M | Contact


I'm grateful to God for so great a supernatural relationship. PFC has really helped me to structure my relationship with God. I met with Doc. Babatunde during my secondary school days. He shared the love of Christ with me almost e...

A.A | Contact


I was at that point in my life where it was a to and fro motion with God. I was a member of at least two departments in my church, still I was struggling with so much weight. I was on the brink of losing it, of tilting for good wh...

W.D | Contact


I thank God for Pens for Christ in my life. I got to know this platform through a friend, a mentor and a father in the Lord- Dr. Babatunde Adewole who I met while he was serving as a youth corper at the medical department of my s...

M.B | Contact


I sincerely thank God for this Ministry (PFC). It helped to lay a good foundation and keep me on the right track. There was a time when studying and understanding the scriptures became an ordeal because I was filled with grief, un...

S.T | Contact

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